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About Heathered Words

In May 2020, I started Heathered Words as a way to work from home. I wanted to be my own boss and do something I love. You see, I love reading just like every other editor I know. I even enjoy correcting other people’s writing. Children, teens, and young adults hold a special place in my heart and life. This carries over to literature written with them in mind. The obvious choice was to build a home-based business that centered around correcting the written word in Young Adult (YA) and New Adult (NA) fiction. 

About What I Do

I edit Children’s, YA, and NA manuscripts. Even as I focus on the details, the bigger picture is always in my mind. I know the rules, and I know when to break them to preserve authorial voice and style. This approach helps me assist authors and writers in presenting their best work for publication. 

Currently, I am searching for YA and NA fiction manuscripts. My favorite editing projects have strong characters who navigate challenging relationships with a plot twist. 

About Me

I spent nearly 25 years as an educator in various settings: in the classroom, in my own home, and online. I am Mom to 5 children, through birth and adoption. As a military family, we lived in over a dozen locales across the U.S. I continue to advocate for equal rights for all by listening, reading, and amplifying voices from vulnerable populations. These experiences have given me a unique perspective that I bring to every manuscript I edit. 

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Professional Memberships, Continuing Education, & Certifications

Professional Memberships 

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Continuing Education


Editing Children’s Literature

Line Editing Fiction & Creative Nonfiction

Developmental Editing of Fiction

Immersive Copyediting



About My Rates

I am a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

My rates are set in accordance with their guidelines to offer affordable and competitive rates.

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Matthew Miller - author

"I'm very pleased."

Service: Proofread

Children's Fantasy & Magic Books

Donovan Taylor - author

"I loved working with you. You not only provided good constructive feedback that didn't insult the writer, but also lifted me up by saying how good it was and that the book had potential. Self-esteem comes into play when bringing words from your mind onto paper and you brought it up to the Heavens. I’m currently working on my next manuscript and I would love it if you read it after it’s finished."

Service: Manuscript Evaluation

Young Adult Novel

Claire Taylor - author

"I would recommend your services to other writers. You were very thorough, detailed, and honest. You were lovely to work with."

Service: Beta Read


Elle Madison - teacher author

Working with Heather has lifted so much weight off of my shoulders. As an English teacher, I’m very picky about who I have to help me in my curriculum business. I’ve waited a few years to find just the right person, and Heather is it! I feel so much relief having someone so competent on my team.

Gael Wood - business and lifestyle coach

Heather did a thorough edit of my website and sales pages. I know that I am not a very detail oriented person, but I thought it was passable. I could not believe the all of the mistakes and inconsistencies she found. Your website is your first impression and I’m glad to say that Heather helped me to level up and give a great first impression to my visitors. Worth every penny! Thank you Heather, I’ll be back.



First, every project starts with a simple conversation. We discuss your needs and the services I  provide to meet those needs. No commitment required.


Once we come to an agreement on your project needs, you will receive a contract with an NDA. The contract will outline expectations for you and me.


After work is complete, you receive your final copies for publication. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance, so I will make sure you are in love with the final product.


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