WordPress Management and Maintenance

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WordPress Management and Maintenance

Monthly Management & Maintenance Plan 



WordPress management and maintenance is required on a regular basis in order to work best. We take care of your site so you don’t have to worry about it. We regularly update the components of your website and scan and fix malware (hackers!). We provide daily backups that are stored off site, and keep backups for 90 days. Site and speed checks ensure that you have the information needed to make your website work optimally. Every month, you recieve an easy to read performance report about your website.



Without consistent WordPress management and maintenance, your website is vulnerable to hackers, malware, and other bugs. I save you time and energy by ensuring that the WordPress core, your theme, and your plugins are all up-to-date and working. I scan and remove malware for you. You can rest easy know that the the day-to-day maintenance required is done for you. If your site crashes, you will be able to get your site up and running again with minimal data loss ASAP.


What’s Included

management | maintenance | security | performance 

Regular Updates

We update the necessary components of your website to ensure that the core, theme, and plugins are all up-to-date. We make sure that new updates don’t interfere withe your website’s performance.


Staging Site

You have access to a staging site so that you can make changes to your website before going live.


Malware Scan & Removal

We scan and remove malware from your site on a regular basis. 

Site Performance Checks

With our site performance checks, you get valuable insight into how your website is performing.


Google Analytics

When you start a monthly plan, we create and install Google Analytics. This is included in the monthly report.


Portal Access

You have access to your own portal on my website so that you can access forms to request tech jobs, invoices, and more. 

Daily Backup

Your website is backed up every day and stored off-site. This ensures that if you have trouble with your website, we can access the latest backup so that you have minimal (ideally, zero) data loss.


Tech Jobs

With a monthly plan, you have access to your own techie – ME! No need to hire elsewhere, I already know the ins and outs of your website.

Login Protection

We provide login protection so that your site is less likely to be hacked.


Monthly Report

Each month, you receive an easy-to-read multiple page report detailing information about your website.


Premium Tools

Because I have developer accounts, you have access to premium WordPress tools: Divi theme, Bloom, Monarch, and more. All you need to do is ask!


Cookies & Privacy Policy

If needed, we set up cookies and privacy policies on your website.

90-Day Off-site Storage

Your backups are safe and sound for 90 days so that we can retrieve the latest working copy, if needed. We use off-site storage in case your server goes down and you need a backup ASAP.


Discounted Tech Jobs

With a monthly plan, you receive a 10% discount on small tech jobs. PLUS plans include 1 small tech job each month.


Website firewall (plugin)




We optimize your website and images so that your website runs smoothly. 


Website Hosting

As an add-on to one of our plans, we offer website hosting that is optimized for WordPress. Hosting fees are determined by your needs and available plans.

WordPress Tutorials

COMING SOON! WordPress tutorials so that you feel confident on the admin side of your WordPress site. 

*WooCommerce solutions coming soon. Will include real-time backups

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How much is WordPress Management & Maintenance?

Our WordPress M & M plan starts at $50 a month and includes all of the above features.

Our PLUS plan includes 1 small tech job every month. The PLUS plan is $75/month.

How do I request a tech job or hosting?

After your M & M plan begins, you will receive information about how to submit a ticket to request tech help or hosting.

What are small tech jobs?

A small tech job is a WordPress task like those listed below (this is not a complete list):

  • install and activate a plugin you purchased
  • upload 2 WooCommerce products
  • upload and schedule 2 prewritten blog posts
  • change colors of text on webpage
  • add one section to one webpage with your prewritten content
  • update and/or add to your social media links on your website
  • if you need something done to your website, ask to see if it will be a small job (or a big job, in which case I will provide a quote)
  • more ideas coming soon
When will I get access to my portal?

When I set up your management and maintenance account, I send you a welcome email with your portal login. This is usually set up 3-5 business days after you submit your order. Check your email!


How do I pay my invoice?

Every month you will have a new invoice mailed to you. You also have access to your previous and current invoices in your portal. You can log into the portal and pay through Stripe or PayPal, your choice.